Campaigns for Potbelly
Potbelly Sandwich Works is a fast-casual restaurant chain with over 400 shops internationally. As Art Director, I was tasked with developing unique campaigns for new products and LTOs. Any given campaign included various in-shop and online elements, and out-of-home print and digital assets. The process included sketching concepts, directing photoshoots, designing lockups, and producing final layouts. 
Strawberry Bliss
In-shop merchandising for a seasonal offer from Potbelly with hand-crafted lettering and a photoshoot directed alongside the talented Neil Burger.
Sandwich Tickets
A couple concepts for Potbelly coupons.
Potbelly Packaging
Cups and bags designed in 2014. The original sandwiches at Potbelly were served from the back of a Chicago antique store, and these visuals reflect those eccentric homespun beginnings. They feature line drawings of some antique potbelly stoves, the store mascot. The wallpaper background was created to mimic some of the shop decor and includes various brand icons, like peace signs and guitars. Cups were printed in 4 spot color

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