Artisan Infographics
Infographics that compare job hunting to dating.
New Potbelly Packaging
Playful illustrations for sandwich shop's cups and bags.
After Hours on Chicago Avenue
Illustrations and maps for a monthly shopping event.
Marketing for Study Hall
A few marketing tools including postcards, flyers, and email.
Potbelly Skinnys
A campaign for a new option at Potbelly sandwich shops.
Paper Samples for Paper Source
Catalogs and promotional samples of various paper products.
Album Covers for Mutable
Cover art for albums and projects released on Mutable Sound.
Potbelly Signage
Design and illustrations for in-store signage and ads.
Posters designed for various clients.
An assortment of infographics designed for various clients.
Logo Design
Logos, marks, and lockups designed for various clients.
Potbelly Packaging
Redesign of cups and bags for Potbelly sandwich shops.
Potbelly Maps
Illustrated maps of New York and Chicago for tourists.
Wedding Invitation
Printed stationary and website for Felder and bride.
Potbelly Process
Creative development for various campaigns.
Books for Mutable
Various books, produced and designed for Mutable Sound.
Identity for Study Hall
Print and digital assets for Chicago boutique.
Greeting Cards for Paper Source
Illustration and card design for Hanukkah and Mothers Day.
Potbelly Test Market Campaigns
In-store graphics promoting new sandwiches in select shops.
Luxottica Pitch
Proposal book designed for ProActive Inc.
Smash Putt
Identity and collateral deign for touring mini-golf event.